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Hello Community,

I’m just checking in. I know it has been a while since I’ve made updates, but I explained it would be like this.

First, I have been working on some major infrastructure improvements which I hope are not too ambitious. They will lead to some skill-based profit making opportunities that I will incorporate into the wallet. These updates will tie in some previous work I have done for this coin that currently seems out of place. I will avoid promises to stave off any market manipulation, so I won’t say exactly what is planned.

Second, the pump group will resume when one of our members takes care of personal business that his tied him up for a while. His biggest barrier is that he has been traveling in parts of the world where internet and even power are not dependable. We greatly look forward to having him back to coordinate the pumps. I can not do this part.

Third, and finally, I am humbled to say that I feel like NextGenCrypto may be working harder than I am for Synergy right now. He is organizing the implementation of a brand new service that I think is ripe for the cryptocurrency marketplace. I’m very excited about it. He is in the midst of assembling a great team to build this service that he designed.

As always, however, beware market manipulation, even for SNRG. This update is not a call to buy. My trading advice to anyone is to try to estimate a fair market value for a coin based on what it has to offer already (I know that is hard), and try to get orders to fill under that estimate. Don’t buy on promises or promising updates, such as this one.

My main goal with this update is to maintain confidence that things are moving forward steadily.

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