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Pump Manual – A Work in Progress

P2P Population of Pump Info

First, just by opening the wallet, and waiting to join the network, several fields on the pump page will be automatically populated. These fields are (1) The starting date for the ongoing pump (top panel), (2) the starting date for the next pump (bottom panel), (3) the entry fee for the next pump, and (4) the minimum balance to join the next pump (minus the entry and transaction fees to join, which should be about 1.015 SNRG total). These values come from the P2P messaging system. Another value from the P2P messaging system is the pump group Synergy address to which the user sends the entry information and fee.

I present the entirety of the pump page, missing values in only three fields in the top panel (the pick, the address that the user registered for the ongoing pump, and the minimum balance this address has had since the pump began)

Selecting the Address for Registration

Second the user uses the “Find Address” button to select an address with enough funds to join. Note that this image shows my testing wallet which is a little light on the funds at the moment.

Selecting the Stealth Address for Encrypted Communication through the Block Chain

Delivering the pick and other info to the user must be asynchronous and private. Asynchrony means that the user should not be required to have a wallet open at the precise time the pump information is communicated (although it might be a good idea). To satisfy both this constraint and the need for privacy, the pick will be communicated with an encrypted message using a secret key known only to the sender (the pump coordinator) and receiver (pump registrant, or user). Stealth Addresses enable the necessary functionality to create this encrypted message on the block chain, where it can be read at the convenience of the registrant. The user selects the Stealth Address using the “Set…” button in the lower panel.

Joining the Pump

Once the registering address and stealth address are set, the user joins the pump by clicking the “Join Pump” button. This button sends a transaction that is constructed behind the scenes. The transaction has a lot of information: the registration address, the stealth address, and the pump in which the user is registering. Since it is a sending transaction, the user is asked to confirm the send.

If the user confirms, typical transaction operations ensue. If the wallet is locked, the user will be prompted for a password to unlock for this transaction. The user must also approve the fee for the transaction, which is a little higher than typical because about 140 bytes of extra information is placed into a public transaction comment. This information need not be identifying. The user is recommended to make a new stealth address for the purpose of joining the pump group.

It is possible to inspect the transaction to join the pump by double-clicking the transaction in the transaction history tab. Notice that the transaction comment has information that is visible in the bottom panel of the pump page. As mentioned earlier, the recipient address comes from P2P messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me to join the group?

For each round, 2 SNRG. This is simply to cover transaction costs for communication. Yes, you read that correct, 2 SNRG (.00008634 BTC at time of posting).

Why should I join? There are other paid groups out there.

The majority of what you are seeing in those threads are posts by shill accounts and results are fabricated. This group will have anonymous members, only identifiable by their SNRG address. Once the coin is chosen, the fate of the pump is completely up to the market to decide what happens. Also, we only “charge” 2 SNRG as explained above.

How do I become eligible to participate?

Simply hold SNRG in your wallet and follow the instructions to enter for each round. Step-by-step instructions will be provided upon opening of first round.

How many SNRG do I need to hold?

Levels within the group will be determined based on the balance of the address you register and verify each round. The more you hold, the earlier you’ll receive the tip. Additional details for levels to be released soon.

How will coins be chosen?

The team and I will evaluate and determine the coins. We will look for coins that are not on a high from a pump and have been “baselining” for a while. These coins will be easily pumped, low cap, but have active devs and communities. In short, they will have all the features of a breakout coin that only needs a gentle push up to explode. If you have suggestions, please let us know via PM.

How and when will I receive notification of the chosen coin?

You will receive the encrypted notification in your Qt in the new panel when the time has come for your level. Wallets holding more SNRG will be notified first.

How is this group “decentralized”?

The mechanism to control registration and ensure you are part of the group is decentralized. You must have a balance to receive the notification of the coin to be pumped. The decentralized ledger is also used for encrypted communication.

Will you tell me when to buy/sell?

No. But you will want to do both before others. Your success during the pump comes from having early knowledge which will be determined by your balance.

What can I do to help make this successful?

Spread the word about SNRG and the group! The more people that join, the more successful everyone will be.

When will the pump start?

Upon determination of a coin we will announce the start date with plenty of notice for all.

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