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Debugging Recap

I have finished debugging the major issue with the pump group release. As a recap, the major issue was that simply that the “Pick/Exchange” entry never got populated under a couple of sets of circumstances. The first circumstance I have already explained, but it was that I was sending the encrypted pick from a change address and not the official pump group registration address. That was not a bug, but simply user error on my part. When the pick notifications are automated, this will not be an issue at all.

The second circumstance under which the “Pick/Exchange” would not populate is when running a wallet that knows nothing of the stealth address used to register. This could happen when a user has a very corrupted wallet and needs to recover the private keys with the “salvagewallet” startup option. This potential issue can not be avoided right now given how stealth addresses are currently implemented. I have made stealth address permanence a to-do item for Synergy, but I probably will not get to it for a while. Fortunately the corruption of wallets in this way is a very rare event, but does underscore the importance of frequently backing up one’s wallet.


Testers Always Wanted

We will still greatly appreciate beta testers. Please help us improve the value of your SNRG by being a beta tester. Please join the slack to be a beta tester. If privacy is important to you, I recommend yopmail disposable email addresses:

If you use yopmail, I highly recommend to click on “Check Inbox”, then find the text on the subsequent page that says “Check for new mails” and use the provided alias. Your browser will remember your account, so you do not need to save any information as long as you don’t clear your yopmail cookies. If you dislike cookies, you will need to save the email address you see at

With these issues fixed, I am ready to move this release out of beta, but will wait two more days just in case any new issues manifest. I am aware of very slow syncing, both from bootstrap and the network. I’ll be looking into that over the coming days as well.


The Future: Several Weeks for a Major Update

Just as a notification, my big development updates may slow for the coming weeks. I am working on a significant update that will greatly exceed what I have done with the pump group. However, I am not able to reveal what it is for several reasons. I will be present as we organize pumps, seek out bugs and make some minor updates we have planned. Hopefully I have gained the community’s trust with my productivity so far, so please be patient between major pushes to the repository and keep in mind that we will have minor updates in the interim.

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